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'Photography is a great part of my life', says Gemma. 'After studying art and photography at Canterbury for my BA, I then joined two of Italy's finest photographers in Genova'. 'It was very hard work, as there was always several weddings and dozens of shoots going on each week, especially during summer'. 'Capturing the nuances of light was always key, and the techniques I learned there are equally valid here in the UK'. 'It was real photography, not digital, it was cameras using film, something most modern digital photographers don't understand'. 'My feeling approach to photography follows one of my other passions, which is drama - I have an M.A degree from The Central School of Speech and Drama, so I combine classic with modern, never forgetting that it is not just the ceremony, but also the enigmatic details of social interchange that make wedding photography so personal and so alive'. 'In the end, it is everything to do with making a real connection, then interpreting and exceeding customer expectation'.  

 studying art and

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Lise and Ben's autumn wedding  'as featured in You and Your Wedding'
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