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Don't gamble with your wedding photography, use an established professional
capturing the priceless joy of the moment
Photography is an important part of my life, and having studied art and photography for my BA at Canterbury, I then joined two of Italy's top wedding photographers in Genova'.  I combine classic with modern, never forgetting that it is not just the tableau of a wedding, but also those enigmatic details of social interchange that make a wedding record so personal and so alive'. The art of weddings.

Confidence Building Pre-shoot

Gemma is committed to producing the best and most stylish shots of your wedding. This is why we have included a FREE pre-shoot as part of our packages (can be ordered separately). The pre shoot allows Gemma to work out your best looks and to advise and give confidence about such things as facial angles, poses and photographic make-up. It also allows you to express yourself about the poses that appeal to you - always helped by tear sheets and image references.  
Sessions engagement shoots from £150
Lorna - 'I cried when I saw my images, they are so wonderful'
Jodi and Shayne - the  photos are amazing, thank you so much '

Free Consultation

Kerry Brown - 'Our pictures are wonderful, they capture the life and atmosphere of the day'
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